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How to change size of a group of pictures?

Import the pictures to PicMarkr Pro, press "Select all" button, select "Resize selected" in a left side menu. Set the required width and height for all the pictures (change in sizes happens according to the proportion). Press "Resize" button. After the resizing process is over go to "Add watermark" to add watermarks or to "Save / Upload" for saving.
Save the images on your computer or upload them to Flickr.

How to rename several pictures?

Import the pictures to PicMarkr Pro, go to "Save / Upload".

In a left menu select "Save to disk / Advanced options". When a menu appears, you can set the rules for renaming the files

%N – inserts the original name of the file
%C – inserts the counter of files (01, 02, 03 etc)
%D – inserts the current date

After that press "Save Photos" to save the pictures with the new names.

How to replace a picture on Flickr with its watermarked copy?

Pay attention: this function works only for Pro-account owners on Flickr.

Import one or several pictures from Flickr, add watermarks to them and go to "Save/Upload".

In a left menu select “Upload to Flickr”. In a menu appeared tick "Replace the photos". Press "Upload Photos".

How to create a new preset?

On a "Add watermark" screen select Text watermark tool.

In a left menu press “add/edit preset”. When a window appears make the settings for new preset.

You can indicate:

  • Font
  • The size of font
  • Kind of font (italic type etc.)
  • Color and transparency of font
  • The background color
  • The width and height of the background
  • Roundness of background
  • Watermark align and the distance between the ends of the picture

After the setting all the parameters type in the name of preset and press "Save".

Can I add several watermarks to the picture at once?

Yes, to do that click to the needed instrument and a new watermark will appear on a picture and in the menu of Watermark Layers.

Can I set the watermark in any arbitrary place on my pictures?

Yes, you can drag watermark to any point on your picture using the mouse.
The changing in location of watermark affects only the pictures selected. You cannot place watermark in a random places on several pictures at once.

Any questions? Make sure to ask us!

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